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Plane Maintenence Crew

Company Profile

Royal Star Aviation, Inc. (RSA) started as an aviation department of one of the Philippines' top construction firms.

Royal Star Aviation established themselves as an independent business and entered the commercial aircraft (helicopter & fixed wing) charter market. They secured their Certificate of Public Conveyance and Necessity from the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) on October 6, 1995 and Air Operator Certificate on September 15, 1998.

The company's foundation is solid. They do not have the commercial pressures associated with the open market in the past.

The people behind Royal Star Aviation work as a dedicated and determined team to find a market for the company's aircraft. That same team work is a positive influence for safe operations.

Royal Star Aviation lives up to their motto, "SAFETY BY COMMITMENT", by strictly adhering to their CAAP-approved (Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines) safety & training program.

Quality Policy

To provide excellent, safe and reliable air transport that exceeds customer requirements through continual improvement of the established Quality Management System.


To Provide world-renowned domestic and international airline and aviation services which follow the highest quality and safety standards.