Royal Star Aviation


Passenger Service

Passenger service

A speedy, yet safe and comfortable way to travel across the country. We save you precious time and help you meet your schedules. This is travelling first class on the express lane!

Aerial Photography/Movie Coverage

aerial photography

An exciting means to travel and view the country's breathtaking scenic spots. We help you get that splendid view from the top whether you are generating aerial maps, snapping photos of beach resorts, project sites or filming footages for movies or documentaries.

Sling Operations

sling operations

Our extensive experience in this service makes trasporting or carrying cargo less stressful. Whether it be large telecommunication towers or equipment, we will help you save time and money.

Geographical Surveys

geographical surveys

A task made easy with the help of our precise low-flying skills. Exploration and mining for oil or minerals are easier, and your geographical surveys turn out very accurate.

Offshore Passenger Service

offshore passenger services

We also transport people as well as cargo to offshore sites. Royal Star Aviation is the best choice for this service for we are willing to go the distance.

Emergency Rescue

emergency rescue

Royal Star Aviation is not just for business and leisure. You can also count on us for emergency rescue airlift services. We are the fastest, yet safest way from any point of the country to the hospital of your choice.

Aircraft Maintenance

aircraft maintenance

Royal Star Aviation is an authorized service center for Agusta Westland aircraft. All personnel are trained and certified by Agusta Westland.

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